two and a bit days of utter spiffingness!

Come and join US, (Utterly Spiffingtonians), for a wonderful weekend of pure steampunk mad-hattery and general goings on. There will be a whole two and a bit days of utter spiffingness! Starting with Friday evening, (21st. September) at Llangollen Railway ,There and Back Again is a one and a half hour STEAM TRAIN RIDE with entertainments. Thence across the road to the second venue, Llangollen Pavilion LL20 8SW. Saturday and Sunday, (22nd. and 23rd.  September ) , for the BIZARRE BAZAAR Steampunk Market with entertainments and on Saturday from 7.00pm, THE GRAND STEAM BALL featuring MR B THE GENTLEMAN RHYMER!



Venue: Llangollen Railway.

Time:  From 6.00pm - come earlier as you will be sure to want to take lots of photographs in this atmospheric setting.

The lovely Carriage Tea Rooms will be open for refreshments too.

THERE AND BACK AGAIN is a two hour circular trip on a wonderful steam train.  During your journey, you will be entertained with some close up magic by the prestidigitatory Miss Sylvia Sceptre and general jolly nonsense performed by Erwyd the Steampunk Jester. 

We will be stopping at the beautifully restored Victorian station at Berwyn where there will be plenty of photo opportunities and further entertainments.

Followed by....

Immediately after the train ride, come along to the Town Hall, (just across the bridge from the railway),  grab a drink from the bar, sit back and and enjoy the wonderfully weird exploits of Dr  Diablo and his glamorous assistant as they defy death in their pursuit of thrilling entertainment in their Victorian style sideshow. 



No Steampunk event would be complete without the opportunity to purchase extra kit.  The Bizarre Bazaar is all you would expect from a thoroughly fascinating Steampunk market.  Alongside the stalls, there will be a 'miniature' (but still quite big) hot air balloon flying inside the enormous arena - yes, all the stalls are indoors and so we are fully weatherproofed! Huzzah!

Alongside the market, each day is filled with COMPETITIONS, WORKSHOPS & ENTERTAINMENTS


Entertainments from: Steampunk dancers, Belly Fusion; magical minx Sylvia Sceptre and Erwyd the Steampunk Jester.

Sylvia Sceptre

COMPETITIONS: Being Cogwarts, there will be a Steam Wizard Magic Duelling Contest!  ALL PARTICIPANTS WILL RECEIVE A FREE STEAM WIZARD EMBROIDERED PATCH.  

COGGIEST CANINE: Has your doggy friend caught a touch of the Steampunk?  Strut your mutt to show off their best costume.

PARASOL DUELLING: Not confined to the ladies, this is the latest cut-throat martial art.   Created by our colonial cousins, this deadly form of duelling has arrived from the Americas!  

TEA DUELLING: The Steampunks way of settling disputes has evolved into a fine sport.  Prepare yourself to witness a tea and biscuit frenzy!

the grand steam ball

Sat 22nd. sept

Starting at 7.00pm promptly, come and dance the night away to the finest Steampunk performers.

BELLY FUSION: Mesmeric  and beguiling, this steampunk troupe played the daytime event last year and went down so well they are here to play the Grand Steam Ball!

LADY VIOLET HUGH: She insists her lyrics are pure and innocent ... Indeed she may have once been called Snow White ... but alas, she has drifted ...

With songs from her debut album, Metamorphoze,  the mesmerising Alice's Night Circus will steal your heart.

THE WATTINGERS: From WierdWest to Industrial Gothic, Steampunk stars, The Wattingers take no prisoners!


       With songs from her debut album,             Metamorphose, this beguiling                     artist will steal your heart!

CAPTAIN OF THE LOST WAVES back by popular demand, the quirkiest steampunk troubadour of all!

 MR B: The Gentleman Rhymer returns    to show off his perfect hair and         enlighten you on the correct use of a     toffee hammer.